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  Louis Valencia: From Prevention to Optimal Health and Elite Athletic Performance

Functional Training

Functional training is the exercise, which actually prepares the patient or client for the functional demands of their lifestyle, occupation, and/or sport. It is the preventive approach, which should be integrated into the overall management of the patient who seeks care for a painful condition which is limiting activity, and for those athletes seeking methods for enhancing their performance.


We offer active rehabilitation and functional training services to individuals, couples, and small groups in a variety of settings:

  • Personal training facility
  • Outdoors
  • Residential
  • Workplace


We strive to educate, assist, and motivate our patients and clients to attain their health and fitness goals. We start out our relationship with a fitness evaluation to establish some baseline values for blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body composition, aerobic fitness, flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, and explosiveness.


During this time we discuss your health, fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle history to set some realistic goals after having reviewed the results of your fitness evaluation. An individualized program design appointment is then scheduled to design a strength and conditioning program that specifically meets your needs. In our program design meeting we determine the following:

  1. Identifying target heart zones for cardiovascular endurance and energy system development.
  2. Exercises for explosiveness, strength, and muscle endurance.
  3. Motor control exercises for stability, balance, and coordination.
  4. Flexibility stretches and foam roller methods for improving ranges of motion.


Quarterly reevaluations are done to determine if goals are being met, and to make adjustments accordingly. Performance measures are then reevaluated, and focus can be put toward weaknesses and deficiencies. We serve the general fitness needs of our patients and clients, as well as the enhanced performance needs of our athletes. We are here to help you achieve the maximum results in the minimum amount of time with injury prevention as the priority.

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