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  Louis Valencia: From Prevention to Optimal Health and Elite Athletic Performance

Health Tips


  • Improve functional capacity: strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, & motor control such as balance/coordination
  • Maintain neutral postures, especially in prolonged static postures and in intense dynamic motion



  • Eat regular meals with lean protein, good fats, fruits/vegetables, & legumes/beans/grains
  • Drink half of your bodyweight in ounces (i.e. 150 lbs= 75 oz. H2O/day)
  • Take the following formulas: antioxidant, b complex, mineral, & omega-3 fatty acids with DHA, EPA, & GLA



  • Smell the roses with a loved one
  • Stress is all in the eye of the beholder so, "don't sweat the small stuff, & realize it’s all small stuff"
  • Sleep 8-9 hours per evening
  • Breath deeply with the diaphragm
  • Smile & laugh often


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