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Our Philosophy

This was a lecture presented to the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Society as one of their advisory board members, which meets in San Francisco annually to present their latest findings.


"The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease".
- Thomas Edison

The health care providers that best represent the vision of Thomas Edison are chiropractors, orthomolecular physicians, and psychoneuroimmunologists.

There are many ways to look at health. In chiropractic we like to consider health as a homeostatic state composed of a “triad” or triangle of structural, chemical, and mental factors. Balance within the triad forms an equilateral triangle, thus an ideal or optimal health state. When a person experiences poor health, imbalance in one factor of the triad is a contributor. Imbalance in two or three factors can be found in people with severe and chronic health problems. Often, a health problem starts on one side of the triad and eventually involves all three aspects. Any side of the triad can affect the other sides, both as causative factors of health problems, and in therapeutic approaches. See the triad of health graphic below, which highlights each aspect of the triad of health.

Areas We Serve:

  • San Francisco
  • Pacific Heights
  • Financial District
  • Cow Hollow
  • Marina District
  • Hayes Valley
  • Mid-Market
  • Cole Valley
  • Inner Sunset
  • Downtown

Our expertise is in the prevention and proper management of traumatic and repetitive injuries of the spine, pelvis, extremities, and soft tissues of the body.

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