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Integrative Models of Health and Disease

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The chiropractic physician specializes in the biomechanical, neuromusculoskeletal realm, which promotes ideal locomotion, neurophysiology, and good musculoskeletal function for optimal health and elite athletic ability. Orthomolecular physicians specialize in the bio-chemical electromagnetic realm, which promotes ideal combustion within the body's energetic systems for optimal energy needs, physiology, and detoxification. The psychoneuroimmunologist specialize in the bio-ecopsychosocial realm, which promotes ideal relationships with nature, others, and oneself toward the goal of optimal health and elite athletic performance. A balanced triad of health means a balance of the human body, mind, and spirit, thus better adaptation in today's rapidly changing society.

The patients that come into our offices are multi-dimensional and complex in their presentations. The triad of health helps us view their overall dynamic presentation and dysfunction. In addition, spinal subluxations, peripheral nerve entrapments, and dysfunction in the sacral occipital respiratory function can affect the information processing occurring within your central and peripheral nervous systems. Circulation can also be compromised, as the vessels pass through muscles that may be tight due to guarding from joint dysfunction or from prolonged awkward posture that have caused muscles to shorten. When insults to the biomechanical, bio-chemical, and bio-psychological systems within the body are managed, patients are able to heal, adapt, and experience optimal health and elite athletic performance and be hindered by neither disease nor disability. As healthcare providers, we need to convey to our patients and clients that being fit in a technological society means taking responsibility for a chosen lifestyle and making smarter choices that effect wellbeing. Lifestyle choices that mimic our ancestors past, which incorporate natural physiological efficient postures, movement, nutrition, relaxation, and play can help one achieve optimal health and elite athletic performance. Active and healthy lifestyles enable a patient’s mind, body, and spirit to function at peak efficiency and better adapt to our changing world.

For overall wellness, we help our patients and clients have less distress in each aspect of the triad of health. In coordination, we must arm our patients and clients with more the factors which increase internal resistance in each aspect of the triad of health. As healthcare providers, we must also practice what we preach. Our patients look to us as model educators and our personal progress offers our patients persuasive guidance in their paths toward optimal health and elite athletic performance.

Our expertise is in the prevention and proper management of traumatic and repetitive injuries of the spine, pelvis, extremities, and soft tissues of the body.

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