“I highly recommend Louis Valencia as a chiropractor, trainer, ergonomic specialist, and sports medicine practitioner. I have known and worked with him for over 20 years. I first met Louis when he worked at Club One in the mid-1990’s. I had a lot of skeletal problems at that time, and he worked with me to not only fix them, but also to give me a regimen that I still use today to keep everything in good shape.This includes the configuration at my desk. I continue to workout with him regularly, and see him as a trainer and a chiropractor.

He is an excellent chiropractor, and really knows and understands that area of medicine. Moreover, he is an experience trainer, so he can provide ongoing physical therapy and workouts to improve overall strength and health. And for me, he is also trained in ergonomics, so some of my problems are avoided by his configuring my desk and computer. He handles all his insurance claims ( for me as well), is prompt, efficient, keeps good records of his clients and very accommodating when I have an emergency! Because he has a holistic approach, he is very motivated to give his patients guidance to an overall healthy lifestyle, and will help them achieve it. That’s what he had done for me.

He is cheerful, works hard, and enjoys live music. He is very close to his family.”

– Allison D.

“I met Dr. Valencia in 1999 in a professional setting. Over the past 20 years, we have become colleagues and friends as well.

My partner Dr. Diane Michael, and I have entrusted Dr. Valencia in treating our patients every time we step away from our San Francisco Physical Medicine Group office. Not only does he show compassion towards our patients but Dr. Valencia always takes time to educate them in the benefits of stretching and strengthening as well. Part of the reason we rely on him is because of his knowledge in rehabilitative strength training. And also because he’e bilingual.

Dr. Valencia writes detailed SOAP notes which is important for us because we often deal with sensitive cases in workers’ compensation arena. His interpersonal qualities are also important for us as it is sometimes uncomfortable for a patient to trust a new doctor. His personality oftentimes eases their apprehensive feelings.

I feel that Dr. Valencia would be a great asset to your company for these reasons but also because he is trustworthy, responsible, and a respected member in the chiropractic community.”

– Ivan M., DC

“I am writing a letter of recommendation for Dr. Louis Valencia based on our 22 years of professional acquaintance. I strongly believe Dr. Valencia has the desired qualifications and experience for the Ergonomics Coordinator position.

First, Dr. Valencia served his internship with California Health Consultants in order to fulfill his requirement for his Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science with a concentration in Community/Occupational Health Education. During this year-long period 1993-1994, it became very apparent that, not only did he have the ability to empower workplace employees with knowledge and skill sets to prevent ergonomic disorders, but he also possessed the interpersonal skills and intelligence to solve more complex problems. In addition, as Director of Health and Safety, he attended advisory board meetings, provided valuable feedback, and helped develop materials and strategies for the four phased Occupational Health and Safety Communication Surveillance and Training System (Occucom). Occucom is a comprehensive Ergonomics Injury & Illness Prevention Program with the primary emphasis on identifying and reducing neuromusculoskeletal risk factors, promoting a safe work environment, and increasing workplace morale and productivity with decreased workers’ compensation claims, and turnover rates.

Secondly, and most admirably, is his passion to improve himself both technically and academically in terms of long-term continued efforts in education at the post-graduate level. Dr. Valencia not only completed the Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultant Certificate Program in 1998, but also received his Certification as an Associate Ergonomist in 2000. Lastly, his professional ethics and social interaction with out clients has been ostensibly sustained with our highly varied product-service mix.”

– Chuck S., DC, MPH, CIE

“Dr. Louis Valencia has asked that I provide you with a letter of recommendation regarding his desire for certification in Ergonomics within you Oxford Research Institute. It is a pleasure to do so.

Dr. Valencia was a participant in our Phase I Continuing Education Program on Occupational Health and Applied Ergonomics. He was always highly attentive and involved in the learning process and I am impressed with his sincerity, intelligence, and creative problem solving skills. In addition, I have had the opportunity to review his curriculum vitae and additional required background information provided you. Once again, I am impressed with his accomplishments and educational/training background and therefore recommend his certification without reservation. I can also attest to moral and ethical considerations, observing that he possesses all those characteristics desirable in a professional.

I found great interest in reading the requirements for the information you provided Dr. Valencia as well as other facts regarding your organization. I noted that there is currently no category for physicians/health care providers who are significantly involved in occupational health and applied ergonomics. Such a category, in my opinion, could perhaps broaden you Institute’s perspectives and enrich your program(s). In reviewing Dr. Valencia’s credentials therefore, I am hopeful you take this recommendation into consideration. While the unique expertise and specialization services provided by physicians/doctors, whether M.D. or D.C., are different that persons coming from the the engineering/industrial psychology arena, they are nonetheless, in many cases, capable of and do provide extraordinary occupational health and ergonomics services within the business and industrial community. You are aware that a common consequence of inadequate ergonomic attention to workplace design is a wide variety of painful and often disabling neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Historically, the diagnosis, clinical management, rehabilitation and earliest possible return to work for those suffering such disorders is the primary domain of the doctor of chiropractic.

During more recent times, a significant focus in chiropractic education has gone into training our doctors as well in the prevention of workplace neuromusculoskeletal disorders. It is in this area that I have devoted a significant portion of my career, having provided this specialty training to approximately 2, 000 doctors of chiropractic nationwide over the past 17 years. It is highly rewarding for me to witness a paradigm shift taking place in chiropractic and some facets of healthcare in general, from a ‘crisis’ model (disease/injury) care to a more proactive, prevention approach. Obviously, the prevention/wellness/safety paradigm is also becoming the standard for astute businesses everywhere. The trend toward expansion of this consciousness among all service providers and businesses will be greatly enhanced the OSHA influences and public awareness. We welcome this trend. Thanks you very much for your careful attention to Dr. Valencia’s request. I am confident that he would be a great asset to your organization.”


“I have know Louis for over four years in a dual capacity. My calendar shows that I have worked with him since the end of 1999; my association with him could have predated that by a few months.

Louis was my personal trainer throughout that period of time. He is diligent, motivating, and demonstrated an appropriate mix of caution and aggressiveness. His training regimen is a rational mix of nutrition, cardio, strength-training, flexibility, and balance. My training program was directed at my favorite sport (downhill skiing) while remaining broadly based for overall conditioning. Louis exhibited remarkable patience with this somewhat stubborn 53 year-old attorney, while remaining encouraging, supportive, empathetic. At those times I was unable to workout for a week or two (injury, illness, etc), he would work carefully with me when I would restart my workouts. Although he obviously has a point of view on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, he was never overbearing on the subject. In short, he was an excellent match for me. Obviously, i thought very highly of him to continue working with him for over four years.

I also consulted Louis medically on two occasions. One group of consultations involved chronic knee pain (which pre-dated my workouts with him by over a decade). The second group of consultations involved a minor tendonitis in my left (dominant) wrist. In each situation Louis worked with me to reduce pain and increase functionality. Neither injury was debilitating, but both were bothersome. Louis used a combination of chiropractic techniques and modalities including massage, ultrasound, and heat which provided symptomatic relief.

Louis also went the extra step for me. He came up to my law office at one point and analyzed the ergonomics of my workplace (desk height, computer screen height, computer keyboard height, etc.) and made a variety of suggestions designed to deal with the source of the problem. Although he was unable to eliminate the tendonitis, his treatments provided great symptomatic relief, far better than than the specialty surgeon I initially consulted. Hopefully, once I fully implement the ergonomic recommendations, the progress with be sustained. In summary, I can unqualifiedly recommend Louis as a personal trainer and sports medicine specialist.”

– Robert K.

“I am writing to you regarding Louis Valencia, a skilled chiropractor who has worked with our (Club One, Inc. founder/director) company for many years. I understand Louis is moving to your neighborhood and I would highly encourage you to consider him for a role within your organization. Louis has a unique understanding of chiropractics and the health club environment and has worked successfully within our company for almost 8 years. He would be an asset to any organization.”

– Jill K.

“I have known Louis Valencia for a number of years. I initially met him as a personal trainer and worked with him him until I moved away from that Club One location at the Citicorp Center. He was absolutely a superior trainer; knowledgeable, effective, and sensitive to the physical limitations of the over 50 year-old adult. During that time, and since as a practicing internist I have referred him patients. His skills in chiropractic and his effective advocacy for the various elements of lifestyle modification for fitness has served my patients well. I can assure you that he would make an effective addition to your team of health and fitness professionals.”

– Mark O., MD

“Louis Valencia has been my personal trainer since I joined Club One in September 1996. He is an excellent trainer for many reasons:

1. Skill and Knowledge: Louis is a multi-faceted trainer. Not only is he knowledgeable in the basics but he has a wealth of knowledge which spans over nutrition, diet, nervous system/musculoskeletal issues, etc. His chiropractic background has enhanced my workout with back-friendly and strengthening exercises which are essential since I injured my back several years ago and still experiencing back pain.

2. Motivation: At times, one of the last things I want to do is workout after a long and stressful day. However, Louis keeps me motivated to come in regularly by making the exercises intense yet interesting. He keeps the workout sessions varied and enjoyable.

3. Flexibility: I have a very chaotic schedule and Louis is more accommodating with my various last minute schedule changes.

4. Professionalism: Louis handles himself with the utmost level of professionalism while still maintaining a personal touch. He genuinely cares about my progress.

I have enjoyed my sessions and I am extremely happy with the results. Not only do I feel better but best of all, I an no longer seeing my chiropractor because of my workout sessions with Louis. He’s an asset to the club and should be rewarded according.”

– Alma G., CPA

“I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for one of your personal trainers, Louis Valencia. Louis and I have been working out together for five months and I think he is a great trainer. Louis is demanding but patient, knowledgable about nutrition and weight loss, and the fact that he is a licensed chiropractor is a very big plus. I have worked out with a number of trainers at Club Once and I feel comfortable stating that Louis is one of the best trainers you have; you are fortunate to have him as an employee.”

– Rakhi R.

“I joined Club One in July of 1996 and have in excess of 70 sessions with Club One trainer, Louis Valencia. I joined Club One to address job stress, tension headaches, and bone density concerns resulting in a hip fracture 12 years ago at the age of 35. I have significant job demands (Regional President of The St. Paul Insurance Company) and had never been successful establishing and maintaining an exercise program. It is due to Louis that I am in a position to say that this is not longer the case.

I can always count on Louis to call me if I fail to schedule with him. He has even called on me in my office to make sure I remain on my program. His credentials as a chiropractor enable him to understand and be able to address my chronic headaches. Louis takes an interest in my general health and regularly talks with me about diet and dietary supplements. He has also accompanied me to purchase vitamins. After more than 20 years of debilitating headaches, I am pleased to say that they are greatly minimized. As a result, I have a much higher energy level and am able to be more productive.

Louis has many fine skills and is a true professional. In addition, to improving the quality of my life through health, Louis has a great personality that make straining fun!”

– Robin C.